Brent Leary is a CRM industry analyst, advisor, author, speaker and award-winning blogger. He is co-founder and Partner of CRM Essentials LLC, an Atlanta-based CRM advisory firm covering tools and strategies for improving business relationships. He is the chair of CRM Evolution 2019, CRM Magazine’s annual industry event. Leary’s new blog, Voices Carry, is featured on ZDNet and focuses on how voice-first devices and interfaces are changing the rules of customer engagement. He writes regularly for CRM magazine and The Atlanta Tribune, where he also serves on the editorial advisory board. Leary hosts the weekly One on One conversation series for Small Business Trends, and co-hosts two video podcasts – The CRM Playaz and Watching Amazon. He is in the process of writing his next book, “The Amazon Effect: How a New Customer Culture is Creating Crazy New Business Opportunities and Killing Companies That Won’t Adapt”, due out in 2019.