Carlye Bartel is the Global Vice President of solutions consulting & learning and development for
She has implemented, sold, supported and marketed software for a variety of companies, including
SAP and Cirtix, during her decade in software. She came close to being a lawyer. But after
sampling life as a certified paralegal, Carlye arrived at a verdict that she should follow her true
calling and acknowledge the tech-geek that had been clamoring to surface.
There was no looking back once she freed the geek.
In her first year of selling technology, she finished in the Top 15 percent for sales at Citrix Online.
Her experienced-based insights into sales and implementations give Carlye unique skillsets that
inspire her to use story-telling in developing solution demonstrations that help companies find better
ways to engage customers.
Today, she embraces her role as a challenger in developing solutions and leads multiple teams at
SugarCRM that have helped win substantial enterprise contracts with global companies.
As a woman in a male-dominated field, Carlye makes sure she has time to mentor other women in
the tech arena. She does this through a Bay Area collaboration called “Geek Girls” and through
other personal efforts.