Wednesday, October 10th
5:30 PM – 7:00PM

Are you a gifted coder?
Matt Marum, Director of Platform Product Management, SugarCRM

Notifications for Activity Stream
Kristján Geir Mathiesen, Systems Analyst, Origo hf

Initial data loads with BulkImport tool
Enrico Simonetti, Senior Technical Account Manager, SugarCRM

Tips and tricks for working with Sugar Cloud
Megan Sheehan, Business Analyst & Trainer, Technology Advisors, Inc.

Team security denormalization
Sergey Morozov, Software Architect, SugarCRM

Bursting your bubble
Robert Gonzalez, Senior Manager of Engineering Applications, SugarCRM

Building robust integrations
Justin Kuehlthau, Director of SugarCRM Practice, Technology Advisors, Inc.

SugarCRM validation constraints
Angel Magaña, Technical Account Manager, SugarCRM

Coming in to a messy SugarCRM instance
Niegel Leoncio, CRM Manager, Bishop Wisecarver Corp

AI – “Intelligence”? Or just smarts?
Sandhya Jaideep, Sr Director of Relationship Intelligence, SugarCRM

What I would tell my SugarCRM developer self when I started
Jeff Bickart, Director of Operations, Faye Business Systems Group

Jelle Vink, Distinguished Engineer, SugarCRM