Rached Chatti

Rached Chatti
  • Director of Strategic Operations
  • Company: Duproprio

The DuProprio / ComFree network, is one of the leading web-based real estate sales destination in Canada. Welcoming more than 5 million online visits every month and spanning across Quebec, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia, The DuProprio / ComFree network is transforming the way real estate is being traded across Canada.

Rached Chatti is the Operational Strategy and Web Development Director at DuProprio / ComFree, heading up a professional team on a variety of digital projects, he is responsible for developing and deploying strategic business opportunities, as well as leading the ongoing improvement of internal processes and technology internally. Responsible for the recent deployment of SugarCRM across the business, he oversaw the real-time integration of Sugar with the legacy systems, the training of all employees and the transition of all on-going activities.

Prior to joining the DuProprio / ComFree network, Rached worked in Digital Marketing at Cossette, one of the top Marketing and Advertising agencies in Canada, he has worked on multiple digital projects for major businesses from multiple industries including Real Estate, Travel and Telecommunications.

Rached studied at the University of HEC Montreal and obtained a Bachelor in Business Administration and an MSc in Information Technology Management.


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